Let’s honor Old Burgundy by supporting the needy

Jim Memmott from the Democrat & Chronicle encourages supporting charitable organizations that help the needy in honor of his quarantine shirt, Old Burgundy.

As close readers of this column know, six weeks ago I was on the verge of giving up Old Burgundy, the long-sleeved, wine-red T-shirt that I had been wearing nearly every day since we began sheltering in place.

Old Burgundy and other faithful companions have served well, but it's time.

I’m happy to report that I’m the grateful recipient of two new Old Burgundies. In addition, the original Old Burgundy has been granted a new life. More about that in a moment.

But first, because I’ve been the recipient of such kindness, and because I have more than enough shirts, I’d like to suggest donations in Old Burgundy’s name to any group that’s clothing and feeding the needy.…

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Bright Spot Shines on Sister Grace

13 WHAM reports on Sister Grace being selected to receive the lifetime achievement award from the Federation of Social Workers.

Thursday’s bright spot shines on Sister Grace Miller.

Most of Rochester is aware of the caring compassion she has shown for others in the community over the years, providing food, shelter, and housing through the House of Mercy.

It has earned her the nickname of “Rochester’s Mother Theresa.”

Now, she has been selected to receive the lifetime achievement award from the Federation of Social Workers.

Congratulations to Sister Grace, a bright spot in our community every day.

Watch the newscast…

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House of Mercy’s Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my sisters and brothers, you do to Me.”

Mt. 25:40

The House of Mercy Board, staff, volunteers and the Rochester Homeless Union stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement against structural racism and racial inequality. We have witnessed with broken hearts the recent state of affairs within our community, the nation and abroad. With the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Toney McDade, Breonna Taylor and many others by police and vigilantes, we cannot ignore the fact that people of color are being disproportionately targeted and oppressed with little justice imposed on those who commit these crimes.…

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RIT University News: Telehealth connects homeless with therapists training at RIT

Susan Gawlowicz from RIT’s University News writes about how Professor Caroline Easton leads a team of therapists in a doctoral training program to provide telepsychology services to House of Mercy residents.

Residents of a homeless shelter in Rochester are continuing to receive therapy during the coronavirus pandemic from a team of therapists in a clinical internship program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The doctoral training program began as an exercise in using telepsychology to deliver care to a marginalized and underserved population. When New York shut down in March to stem the spreading virus, the therapists were already prepared to apply the telehealth protocols in the crisis.…

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Catholic News Service: Shelter in place is nothing new to Mercy sister’s homeless ministry

Catholic News Service writes about how House of Mercy provides shelter and compassion for the homeless – as it has for over 30 years – even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — The key to sheltering in place is having a place to go.

That has been the driving force behind Mercy Sister Grace Miller’s homeless ministry in Rochester, New York, long before the coronavirus pandemic. But these days, more people are knocking at her shelter’s doors even though many of its outreach programs have been temporarily put on hold.

The House of Mercy shelter she started in 1985 has always been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but now it is open only at night.…

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Stations of the Cross 2020

For a quarter of a century, the House of Mercy, St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality and Rochester Pax Christi have gathered to commemorate Good Friday, the day on which Jesus was executed by the Roman Empire, and to remember the many ways in which Christ is crucified today, in His people. This Good Friday, the pandemic prevents us from gathering physically; however, this virtual gathering allows us to take the stations beyond Rochester’s central city.

Today, the crucifixion is being reenacted by tens of thousands – dying not on a cross, but in hospitals and nursing homes, isolated from family and friends.…

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Sr. Grace Miller named Women of Excellence honoree

Rochester, N.Y. — Rochester Business Journal selected Sister Grace Miller, House of Mercy Executive Director, as a Women of Excellence honoree.

Established in 2018, the Women of Excellence awards recognize high-achieving women for their professional experience, community involvement, leadership and sustained commitment to mentoring. Winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of previous Circle of Excellence and Women of Excellence honorees.

In addition, seven women will be inducted into the Circle of Excellence. The Circle of Excellence recognizes women of longstanding, notable success in the community who are leading the way for other women. These honorees were selected by Rochester Business Journal editors.…

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RochesterBeacon: Life on the edge

Mike Costanza with the RochesterBeacon writes about how homeless shelters and other charities in Monroe County, including the House of Mercy, struggle to maintain the funding required to provide the services they offer to the homeless and hungry in Rochester.

The nonprofits that serve Monroe County’s homeless and hungry depend upon a patchwork of funding to continue their work. Though they appear to be holding their own, there could be problems on the horizon.


Under such circumstances, those serving the county’s unhoused and hungry can find themselves stretched very thin. The House of Mercy Inc. offers a number of benefits for the needy, including the use of its 82-bed emergency shelter, which fills up most nights.…

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13WHAM: Early season chill putting a strain on local homeless shelters

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – Lawrence Greggs has been homeless for ten years. He’s spent the last two at the House of Mercy in Rochester.

He’s used to cold temperatures, but not typically this early.

“It’s really tough. It’s brisk out. A hot meal is more than just something I like to have; it’s one of the reasons why I come here,” said Greggs. “The way the wind is going, and how brisk it is out, you’d be an icicle before you know it.”

Some local shelters say the quick turnaround from seasonable warmth to single-digit wind chills in a short time has put a bigger strain on their resources.…

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Farash Prize for Social Entrepreneurship

In late 2018, Sister Grace Miller was nominated for the Farash Prize for Social Entrepreneurship.

First awarded in 2012, the Farash Prize honors the legacy of Max Farash—a business entrepreneur who, along with his wife, Marian, recognized the importance of supporting social causes in their community.

Congratulations on this nomination Sister Grace!…

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House of Mercy Featured in Walmart Commercial

The House of Mercy is featured in a new television commercial for Walmart. The retail giant is focusing on its commitment to American manufacturers that support non-profits in their own communities. This week, Walmart unveiled its series, ‘American Ingenuity’ on its YouTube channel, highlighting the philanthropic actions of several locally owned and operated businesses whose products are carried in Walmart locations across the country.

The Perfect Granola, a local food company, donates a portion of its proceeds to help feed people at House of Mercy’s soup kitchen.

In addition, Ashlie Jones, an employee of The Perfect Granola, volunteers at The House.…

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