Each month we help hundreds of families who are in need of food. The House of Mercy food pantry exists entirely on donated food and monetary contributions.  It’s an ongoing operation that feeds hundreds of hungry families monthly. At the House of Mercy we minister to all regardless of race, creed or color. Our doors are open to all and they are welcomed with open arms. We service some of the poorest neighborhoods in Rochester. We are constantly in need of support so we can continue with our mission.

Sponsor a Shelf

We are seeking groups or organizations of any size to help by sponsoring a shelf in the food pantry and helping us keep them full. Interested groups can sign up for a category to sponsor, gather and collect the items and deliver them to the House of Mercy. Shelf sponsorships help to ensure that we have a steady supply of food for those in need. There are no specific requirements for sponsorship. We ask that you sign up for a good group and a period of time. During that time we appreciate any and all donations you are able to make, whether that be one bag of food a month or several bags each week. 

Food Categories and Most Popular Items:

Baking – Pancake batter, corn bread mix, cake/cookie mixes
Canned vegetables – Corn, peas, carrots, green beans etc.
Canned fruit – Peaches, pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail
Soup – Any  variety, stews, chili
Condiments – Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce
Canned meats – Salmon, tuna, corned beef, chicken
Starch – Rice (1 or 2 lb. bag), Pasta (1 lb.), Helpers (tuna, hamburger) Mac and cheese, Stuffing mix, instant potato, scallop or au gratin boxes, peanut butter, jelly
Beans – Canned or dry, red, black, white, split peas, lentils
Cereal – Hot and cold, boxed or bagged , oatmeal, grits, etc.
Shelf stable prepared meals – SpaghettiOs, ravioli, stew, chili etc.

Until our pantry reaches its final stage we will be using a client choice model. We will prepare a daily list of available items that the client can choice from and fill the order based on family size and availability of items. Once the food pantry gets refrigeration we will be able to store perishable goods.

Anyone can donate! If you aren’t able to commit to sponsoring a shelf you can still donate. One time donations are always appreciated. Donations can be dropped off every day between 9am and 6pm.

Donations of expired goods cannot be accepted.