“As soon as we opened the door, people flooded in”

Sister Grace Miller could see that homelessness was a big problem in Rochester, NY, and there simply weren’t enough shelters to meet the need. Sister Grace immediately went to work, and with help from the Sisters of Mercy, she opened a shelter in a small house on Central Park just north of downtown Rochester.

We’re able to operate 24/7 thanks to our volunteers

The House of Mercy runs around the clock thanks to the help of our tireless volunteers that never give up.

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman grew up in Rochester. His father was a minister. His mother handed out food and clothing to the neighbors. He learned about the importance of giving at an early age…

Some of the things we can provide at House of Mercy

Soup Kitchen
Food Pantry
Home Furnishing Warehouse

More people are suffering from severe poverty today. The House of Mercy now provides a wide range of valuable services to more than 4,000 people a month

Every $1,000 donated helps us provide


Nights of Safe Shelter


Drop-in Assistance


Hot Meals


Food bags