Help Build the New
House of Mercy


Food, shelter, clothing, advocacy — Rochester, NY’s House of Mercy grassroots homeless shelter and advocacy center operates 24/7, and never closes its doors on those in need.

Operating on a shoestring budget with a very small team, the House of Mercy continues to be a beacon of hope for the poorest of the poor. We never give up on the people we serve.

More people are suffering from severe poverty today. The House of Mercy now provides a wide range of valuable services to more than 4,000 people a month.

There are many misperceptions about the poor and homeless. People think they can be demanding or ungrateful. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many of the people who come to us for assistance are too shy to ask for what they really need.

In the middle of winter, they stand in the hallway shivering in a paper-thin jacket. But they are reluctant to ask for the warm clothing they need.

That’s why we have learned to take the initiative. If we run out of donated clothing, we dip into our limited funds to buy coats, hats and boots that will stand up to the harshness of a Rochester winter.

“They are so relieved when you do that,” says Sister Grace.  “They really appreciate everything you do for them.”

Every $1,000 donated

by our supporters helps

us do all this:

Nights Safe Shelter

Hot meals

Drop-In Assistance

Advocacy Services