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In 1985, Sister Grace Miller could see that homelessness was a big problem in Rochester, N.Y. And there weren't enough shelters to meet the need. So she went to work. And with help from the Sisters of Mercy, she opened a shelter in a small house on Central Park just north of downtown Rochester. "As soon as we opened the door, people flooded in," she recalls.

The House of Mercy now provides a wide range of valuable services to more than 4,000 people a month. Its unique and compassionate approach to assistance has attracted a growing number of supporters throughout the community.

Operating around the clock on a shoestring budget with a very small team, the House of Mercy continues to be a beacon of hope for the poorest of the poor. We never give up on the people we serve.

For more information, contact The House of Mercy at (585) 546-2580 or fill out our online form to let us know how you can help Make a Difference.


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